Wednesday, 5 October 2016

#1 BBB Blog: Welcome to BBB!

Hello and welcome to the Building the Band in the Bedroom (BBB) blog - an informal and ongoing accompaniment to the book BBB which is available at:

My name is Joe and I am a full-time music producer, musician and songwriter working out of my own modest studio Joe Public Studios in north London. I wrote BBB as part of my MSc in Music Technology and Audio Engineering that I have just completed (September 2016) at the University of Hertfordshire under the leadership of dance music producer, label boss, music journalist and educator Bruce Aisher.

You can find the free video content for BBB here: which works well if viewed in isolation but really becomes valuable when viewed alongside the BBB book

In this blog I will try to continue the theme of the book and chart the progress of some of the exciting music projects that I work on here at Joe Public Studios...